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  • Jayde Heywood

Could have, would have and should have!

If I received a dollar for every time I heard a bride say, ‘Could have, would have and should have’, I could have, would have and should have approximately $1016. What they could have changed, should have changed and would have changed if they had their day over again. For most of us, this may be the one and only chance to get it right.

So, here I am handing you a ‘Chance’ card, you can either use the ‘Get out of jail free’ card or roll the dice and pray you roll doubles!

Take a pic, of the lipstick

During your makeup trial, take a photo of the brand and name of the lipstick the make-up artist uses on you. Before your big day purchase it and put it in your purse for touch-ups during the day/night. You will be always prepared for photos and can re-apply after eating.

Lists are the real MVP

Prepare a list for the photographer that has the combinations of the groups of photos you would like to take. In the moment, after the ceremony it can be hectic. Everyone wants to congratulate you! Having a list ready to go for the photographer makes this situation easier. Creating this list with a sound mind ensures no one is forgotten! Eg. Image one – Mum & Dad, Image two – Mum, Dad & Sisters, Image three – Mum, Dad, Sisters, Grandma & Grandpa etc.

A videographer is your best investment

Invest in a videographer for the ceremony and the reception. Even if you don’t remember the night (damn those extra wines!), you will have video to back up those memories. When cutting costs, the first item on the budget to be considered is almost always the videographer. Although costly, videographers offer the opportunity to relive your special day over and over again. Not to mention, they capture the faces of your guests when you are saying your vowels, the moment your family see you for the first time, the emotion of the speeches and the excitement on the dance floor, often the special parts you miss throughout the day.

All hail the veil!

Take your veil with you to your wedding hair trial. On the biggest day of your life, you don’t want to be fiddling around trying to find a place in your hair for your veil. Use this opportunity to find the correct placement for the look that you want to achieve.

RSVP online (the PG rated version)

RSVP’s online are convenient, efficient and can be adjusted in real time. It eliminates waiting to receive RSVP’s in the mail and keeping note of the calls and texts you are receiving all day, every day. There are a range of websites that offer this service and best of all majority of them are free!

Write a guest list and check it twice, decide if they are naughty or ni...

Write a guest list and sort them into categories. Sit down with your partner and make a full guest list including the ‘maybes’. From here categorise your guests into bridal party, green, yellow and red. The green category represents the certainties, the yellow category represents the maybes and the red represents the people who were considered but will not be receiving an invitation. Leave the list for a minimum two weeks then revisit it to confirm your decision.

There are no ‘No Standing’ signs at the ceremony

Not everyone at the ceremony has to be seated. There is often the misconception that everyone has to be seated for the wedding ceremony and therefore chairs are hired to compensate for all guests. Unless you want all guests seated, take into consideration the option of guests standing, it is a great opportunity to cut costs.

Plan to get from A to B and from B to C

If the ceremony and reception are at different locations, organise transport to the reception from the ceremony beforehand. This can often be overlooked. While doing the process of your wedding rehearsal, calculate how long the actual ceremony will take. Confirm the estimated time with the driver after the rehearsal so they are on time on the day.

The Wedding version of a First Aid kit

Pack an emergency suitcase or bag a few days before the wedding. There is nothing wrong with being Mary Poppins with a bag of tricks on the biggest day of your life! The last thing you want to happen is for you to ‘wish you had of bought…’ with you.

My top suggestions of what to pack are:

  • Multiple pairs of spare underwear that are a neutral colour and preferably seamless (nude, white, cream or light pink).

  • Cleansing wipes & deodorant. It is a stressful day and depending on what season you are getting married you may need a cleanse in between having your hair and make-up done and putting on your dress. No one likes the smell of sweat!

  • Snacks. Amongst the busyness of the day, you may forget to eat. It is important that you have a selection of food readily available to eat because it may be a while before your next opportunity to fuel up.

  • Tooth brush, toothpaste & floss. Clean your teeth just before you leave to go to the ceremony. Get all the unwanted food out of your teeth from snacking whilst getting ready.

On-the-day management is a thing!

Utilise a wedding planner for on-the-day management! There are many components on your wedding day where a wedding planner or experienced event manager will come in handy. The set-up of the venue, direction and placement of guests at the ceremony, coordination of guests from the ceremony to the reception and then assistance of seating and the flow of the night. Taking on too many tasks as a bride or groom can make your special day one to remember for the wrong reasons.

A hiccup on your wedding day is not the end of the world! It is what makes a wedding perfectly imperfect. So, ask your married friends what they would have changed if they could have. The best experience comes from a person that has been in your position before.

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